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An Introduction to FreeAgent

FreeAgent is an award-winning provider of accountancy software that has been created to assist freelancers, contractors and small businesses with managing their business finances.

The software has been designed to bring all of your financial snapshots together and to provide you with assistance with the creation and management of your formal documentation. When you have registered with Bluebird Accountancy, you will have access to your personal FreeAgent account, allowing you to view important financial information including your live bank feed, invoices, expenses, quotes and VAT information.

With access to your own FreeAgent portal and the support of your own Account Manager, you will be perfectly set up to flourish in your assignments.

The in-depth features of FreeAgent are available here.

How do you access FreeAgent?

FreeAgent accountancy software is completely in the cloud. This means you can log in and access your business’s online portal anywhere with a secure internet connection. FreeAgent even has a dedicated mobile application, available on both the Apple and Google Play Store.

As soon as you have successfully registered with Bluebird Accountancy, your Account Manager will contact you with your FreeAgent login details. You will then be able to access your dashboard at home or on the go.

Upon becoming a Bluebird Accountancy client, you will be sent a welcome pack that contains an easy to understand guide to FreeAgent. This will help you get the most out of the software so that you can spend less time worrying about your finances, and more time doing what you enjoy.

How much is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is available to every freelancer, contractor and small business owner using Bluebird Accountancy – at no extra cost.

Our team understands how important it is for the modern worker to access live financial information on demand and often in a location that isn’t always their place of work. This is why we have chosen FreeAgent as our preferred accountancy software for our clients.

Bluebird Accountancy also understands it is crucially important to have a professional Accountant look over your documentation before it is submitted to HMRC. This is because it can be easy to make unintentional mistakes or to accidentally submit information late – both of which can result in unwelcomed fines.

Signing up with Bluebird Accountancy will grant you access to your own FreeAgent portal, as well as your own Account Manager who will be on hand to support you – when you need it.

A winning combination

Your Bluebird Accountancy Account Manager will be able to access your FreeAgent account – but in a read-only format. This means that the only person who can change anything in your account is you. However, it does mean that your Account Manager can view the information that you may have queries about – allowing your concerns to be answered quickly.

Combining FreeAgent with Bluebird Accountancy is the ultimate way to run your limited company.

To find out more about the benefits of combining Bluebird Accountancy with FreeAgent, check out our FreeAgent Features page.

Now you are familiar with the basics of FreeAgent, check out the features of having your FreeAgent account with us.

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