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Proudly accredited by the FCSA

Bluebird Accountancy was established to deliver a modern, efficient and compliant accountancy service for contractors and freelancers throughout the UK. To showcase our commitment to compliance, we made it our mission to obtain FCSA accreditation.

In March 2020, after months of assessments and audits, Bluebird Accountancy became an FCSA accredited member. But, what does this actually mean? Here is some more information about our new accreditation.


Bluebird Accountancy is accredited by the FCSA


Who is the FCSA?

The FCSA (Freelancer and Contractor Services Association) is a leading industry body that is committed to ensuring payroll providers and accountants working in the staffing industry are compliant with HMRC rules and relegations.

Bluebird Accountancy abides by the strict FCSA Codes of Compliance

The FCSA has developed a strict Codes of Compliance that aims to ensure every accredited member abides by strict rules and regulations, as well as operating ethically within the UK market.

Having achieved the coveted FCSA accreditation – Bluebird Accountancy has been able to prove that we operate in accordance with the FCSA Codes of Compliance.

What makes FCSA accreditation unique?

Every member of the FSCA:

  • Has been able to prove that they adhere to rigorous industry standards;
  • Has successfully passed an assessment based on the strict Codes of Compliance, as mentioned above;
  • Has undergone audits from independent professionals with accountancy and law backgrounds;
  • Is aware that the official FCSA audit on their internal practices is disclosed to HMRC – in case they want to review it;
  • Is able to prove their compliance annually.

The perfect accountancy package for contractors

We have received some fantastic feedback for our best-selling accountancy package, and it’s really pleasing to hear. Our package was created especially for the modern contractor and combines traditional accountancy with FreeAgent software. Rather than paying for loads of extras that you don’t need, our best-selling package allows you to have a hands-on approach with your business finances while using award-winning software. And, if that’s not enough, you’ll also have unlimited support from a dedicated Account Manager!

If you are interested in finding out more about Bluebird Accountancy or you are ready to switch to our leading service, please call our friendly Consultants on 0808 301 2389 or complete the short form here.

Recruiters – we’re the ideal choice for your Preferred Supplier List (PSL)

Compliance within the industry has never been so important than it is right now. HMRC is continuing to step up their efforts to catch tax avoiding contractors and organisations who are facilitating tax avoidance. As stated in the Criminal Finances Act, if any employee at a recruitment agency is found to be referring candidates to non-compliant accountants and payroll providers, the whole organisation could be heavily penalised.

It is critical your agency only refers candidates to trustworthy and compliant accountants and payroll providers. As an FCSA accredited accountant – Bluebird Accountancy is the ideal choice! Not only do you know we’re compliant and follow strict guidelines, but choosing us also saves your business considerable time as there is no need to complete your own vetting!

Save your business time and remove any risks of non-compliance with the Criminal Finances Act – refer your candidates to Bluebird Accountancy today! Please call 0808 301 2389 or email us at

You can see the official Bluebird Accountancy FCSA Directory Listing by clicking here.

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