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  1. The ‘Referrer’ is defined as the individual who refers a client Bluebird Accountancy Limited (‘Bluebird Accountancy’).
  2. The ‘Referee’ is the individual who has been recommended to Bluebird Accountancy by the Referrer and has signed up to our £95 per month accountancy package.
  3. A ‘Live’ client is one who has received their first payment into their Business Bank Account (i.e. first invoice paid/received).
  4. The ‘Reward’ is 10% off monthly accountancy fee for each eligible and live Referee who meets the criteria stated in these terms and conditions.

The Reward

  1. The ‘Reward’ is a discount of 10% off the Referrer’s monthly instalment of limited company accountancy fees. This 10% discount applies to monthly instalments for our £95 per month accountancy package.
  2. The Reward entitles the Referrer to receive 10% off their accountancy fees for as long as the Referee remains a Live and PAYING client of Bluebird Accountancy. Should the Referrer or Referee owe outstanding monies to Bluebird Accountancy or cease to be a client, the 10% discount will no longer apply.


  1. The Referrer can receive a Reward of 10% off their accountancy fees for each client they refer, with a maximum of 10 Rewards being eligible at one time. If a Referrer recommends multiple qualifying Referees, the 10% discount will be taken off the original monthly instalment each time. Once 10 referrals are made, the referrer will not be entitled to any additional Reward.
  2. The Referrer is eligible to a Reward only when the Referee engages Bluebird Accountancy as his/her accountant for limited company accountancy, and qualifies the Referrer for a Reward by becoming a Live client of Bluebird Accountancy.
  3. Only Referrers who are existing clients of Bluebird Accountancy’s limited company accountancy service may be eligible to receive a Reward. Neither the Referrer nor Referee should owe outstanding monies to Bluebird Accountancy, and Bluebird Accountancy reserves the right to offset any Reward against fees owed by the Referrer should this situation occur.
  4. If a new client has been referred by multiple Referrers, the Referrer who first provided Bluebird Accountancy with contact details will be rewarded.
  5. If a Referee has been recommended by both a Referrer and a Recruitment Consultant, the Referee will have been classed as being referred by the Recruitment Consultant. Recruitment Consultants are not eligible for Rewards in this Referral Scheme.
  6. A Referee must be a first-time Referral to Bluebird Accountancy.
  7. Bluebird Accountancy has the sole discretion at all times to determine if the Referrer qualifies for the Reward subject to these Terms and Conditions. The decision of Bluebird Accountancy cannot be challenged.
  8. Subject to clause 4, a Referrer is eligible for a Reward for a referral made on or after the 26th June 2023.

Reward Process

  1. Once the Referee qualifies, Bluebird Accountancy shall reward the Referrer. The Reward will automatically be applied to the Referrer’s future Direct Debit payment amounts which are made to Bluebird Accountancy around the 7th of each calendar month (in arrears). The Reward may not be exchanged for vouchers or any other prize, and the Referrer does have the option to opt out of the Reward if they wish.
  2. The Referrer will not, at this stage, necessarily be notified by Bluebird Accountancy of the change to their Direct Debit payments.
  3. If/when the Referee no longer meets the qualifying conditions, the Referrer’s Reward will be revoked and their monthly instalments will revert back to the previous amount.
  4. Bluebird Accountancy alone will be responsible for the administration of the Rewards as it deems fit in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


  1. By recommending the Referred, the Referrer consents to his/her name being mentioned in the communications of Bluebird Accountancy with the Referred as the person who has made the referral.
  2. The personal data submitted will be treated in confidentiality by Bluebird Accountancy for in accordance with our Privacy Policy for the purpose of this Referral Scheme.
  3. This scheme is effective from the 26th June 2023 and Bluebird Accountancy reserves the right to terminate or alter the scheme at any time.
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